Jane’s Vintage is using cookies to give its users a better browsing experience (for example: by remembering what you had put in your cart a few days ago).

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that’s issues by the server of the website you’re browsing and saved on your device (computer, phone, tablet, …). The cookie consists of a unique identifier that allows it to recognize you when you revisit the website. Cookies can be used by the website that you’re visiting or by partners with whom the website is cooperating. The server of a website can only read those cookies that it has issued. The server does not have access to other cookies on your computer.

Cookies exist to create a better browsing experience for the website visitor. Cookies can also be used to show more relevant content, save content for a later visit, or adapt the website to reflect a more personal approach.

No personal data

A cookie does not contain any personal information. Rather, it will contain unique identifiers or values.

Which cookies are being used by Jane’s Vintage?

You can change the settings in your browser to warn you when a cookie is placed, to only save cookies from certain websites, or to disable cookies. If you choose to disable cookies for the Jane’s Vintage domain, you will not be able to use all functionalities of the website.

Jane’s Vintage is using the following cookies

1.    Necessary cookies

These cookies are needed for the website to function properly. Disabling cookies will result in these functions not working property. An example would be the cart and checkout functionality of this webshop.

2.    Functional cookies
Functional cookies are cookies that will change a visitor’s browsing experience for the better, and offer a more personalized browsing experience. An example of functional cookies is one that remembers a certain preference you selected on the website.

3.    Performance cookies
This website makes use of Google Analytics. By the help of cookies, Google Analytics will collect information about how visitors are using our website. This information is meant to change the content of our website for the better. An example of such a cookie is one that helps count the unique number of visitors to a certain page.

4.    Third party cookies

The website is using third party services, such as analytics services to help with certain elements. These parties may also place a cookie through the website.

Deny cookies

Via your browser settings, you can deny the use of cookies. Below is a list of browsers and how to disable cookies:

Furthermore, you can choose to delete cookies from your browser at any time.